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Hello Lord ? It's Me Again


Hello Lord, it's me again;


I know you're very busy,

And I hate to be a pain,

But I really need your help today,

Cause I messed up yet again.


I try so hard to follow you,

To keep you near in heart;

But sometimes I forget to;

That's when I fall apart.


You've always been there for me,

Through all my trials of dread;

But I was being selfish,

By wishing I were dead.


I lost sight of what's important,

And wallowed in my pain;

Instead of reaching out to you,

I suffered with my bane.


I hope that you forgive me,

For failing to call your name;

It's just that I am human,

And it's hard to take the blame.


Please take my hand, O Lord,

And never let me go;

I promise I'll try harder,

Cause I truly love you so.


Please help me to remember,

That I am not alone;

Remind me that my troubles

Can be laid upon your throne.


Well, I should let you go now;

Cause I know there are others too,

That need your help and guidance

As much as this old fool.


I thank you for your time, Lord;

For listening to my woe.

But I've one more thing to say,

Before I let you go.


I want to thank you

For all you've done,

To help me on my way;

For helping me to see the sun,

On a dark and cloudy day.